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Industry Roundup For January 05, 2019

Eight Sleep

Smart mattress company, Eight Sleep, announces on Facebook (through lead ads) early access to information about a new cooling product they’re are preparing to launch.


The ecommerce giant Amazon has launched a test to help customers visualize new home furniture purchases while shopping online.  This tool is called Amazon Showroom.


Tempur-Pedic announces they will show their two new ‘All-Night Cooling’ mattresses at the Vegas Market later this month; ProBreeze and Luxe Breeze.  These two new cooling mattresses will retail for $3,799 and $4,499.  Tempur-Pedic describes the experience of sleeping on these two mattresses as noticeably cool while you first lay on them and continuously cooling sensation throughout the night.  The ProBreeze model will be available in a medium firm and medium firm hybrid option.  The LuxeBreeze will be available in a soft and firm option.  The technology in the machine washable cover is known as the ‘SmartCover Dual Climate System’.  It’s reported that the cooling technology will not be negatively affected even after washing the cover.  For the first time, Tempur will display their newly developed PureCool+ breathable phase change technology.  In addition to the cooling cover, Tempur has developed a new climate management foam layer known as Tempur-CM+.  This layer is designed to deliver superior airflow.  In addition to all of these advancements, the step up Luxe Breeze will feature the new ventilated Tempur-APR (advanced pressure relief) support layer.  According to internal testing, the Luxe Breeze model has an 8-degree cooling improvement over the Tempur Adapt Collection that launched in 2018.  These two mattresses will complete the 24-month relaunch of the new Tempur-Pedic line.


Pier 1 reports 11.9% drop in Q3 net sales.  Sales dropped from $469.2 million to $413.2 million.  Operating losses during Q3 totaled $20.8 million.  After 39 weeks total net totaled $1.14 billion; down from $1.29 billion.


Mexican bedding power Artaban targets the United States market for rapid growth.


Symbol Mattress will unveil at Vegas Market a newly developed marketing campaign to, ‘Take Back Your Traffic’.  This is in response to the rapid market expansion of online mattress brands.  Symbol’s President, Mike McQuiston, want to show traditional retailers an actionable strategy to increase foot traffic.


Beautyrest announces their ‘largest brand launch ever’ at Vegas Market.  We will see new product launches within the Beautyrest Black, Beautyrest Silver, and Beautyrest Complete product lines.  Within these models, we will also see the launch of new hybrid models.  With a newly developed customer-centric model, customers will experience the Beautyrest lineup online and offline with a completely seamless communication/marketing strategy.  Direct, straightforward language that’s easy to consume and memorable.  There will be 13 Beautyrest Silver models ranging in price from $699 to $1,099.  This lineup will focus on support, cooling, and comfort.  The prior BeautySleep lineup will be replaced with the new Beautyrest lineup with retail pricing ranging from $399 to $699.


Serta also announces a simplified product lineup with a primary focus on comfort.  Serta is set to debut the new Serta Perfect Sleeper mattresses which offer superior pressure-relief at the Vegas Market.  One feature includes the new ‘HyperTouch’ Comfort System.  This is an upgraded edge to edge support system.  Retail pricing for these models will range between $499 and $1,099 (queen size).  Builds will include innerspring, hybrid and memory foam options.  A newly announced Serta ‘SleepTrue’ collection will offer premium features at value pricing.  This collection will retail from $129 (twin) to $599 (queen).  Their luxury line, Serta iComfort also will see some changes as branding is slated to describe the mattress as ‘Comfort Reimagined’.


The results are in (from Furniture Today):
The first step in the research process

  • 25% – Online consumer reviews on retailer’s website
  • 24% – Search query querry
  • 20% – Online reviews on marketplace websites
  • 15% – Online reviews from 3rd party reviewers
  • 7% – Seek information from retailer’s website
  • 4% – Seek information in magazines
  • 3% – Seek information from manufacturer’s website
  • 2% – Seek information on social media

During a consumers research process consumers consume content on

  • 59% – Newspaper / circular
  • 48% – Magazines
  • 45% – Social media
  • 45% – Email
  • 41% – Online ads
  • 41% – TV
  • 31% – Mail

(Note – the results are from a Furniture Today study)


David Perry responds to College Humor’s, ‘The Mattress Industry Is One Big Rip-Off’.  Mr. Perry’s response title, ‘No, Adam, we won’t let you ‘ruin’ our mattress industry’ does acknowledge that the comical video does directly and accurately identify some of the mattress industry’s issues – yet – he doesn’t go into further detail.  Mr. Perry says that the video has gone too far, or more accurately ‘way too far’.  Perry’s primary contention with the video is the belief that ‘shopping for a mattress is a big old nightmare’.  It’s important to note that massive companies like Tuft & Needle’s entire business launched due to a nightmare experience.  Perry’s position is that with decades of experience visiting numerous mattress retail locations all around the country this ideology of a nightmare shopping experience is false.  He also states that he has the research to show consumers perception of mattress salesman as ‘highly professional’ – yet – he doesn’t cite or share the data in his piece.  He also has contention with the videos expression that the whole industry is ‘one big rip-off’.  Then, questioning if the lead character Adam needs a new mattress to change his negative demeanor.  The reality is, the video does create many generalizations around the mattress industry without properly segmenting how vastly different a consumers experience will be from retail location to location or online.

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