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Reviewed (Part Of The USA Network) Best Mattresses In A Box 2019

Tuft & Needle Part Of The USA Network Best Mattresses In A Box 2019

  • Best overall mattress = Tuft & Needle, Original


Other notable mattresses tested by

  • Saatva
    • Overall takeaway: A plush mattress that’s very comfortable but a little too big
  • Caper
    • Overall takeaway: A beautiful aesthetic that is overshadowed by an unsupportive mattress.
  • Layla
    • Overall takeaway: An unusual mattress made with copper that’s firm and soft

Tempurpedic Tempurpedic

Consumer Reports Mattress Ratings – 2019

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Tempurpedic Tempurpedic

Industry Roundup For January 04, 2019

Ashley Home Store

Forbes Forbes

Forbes Publishes Their Top Five Favorite Mattresses For Side Sleepers

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Luft Mattress Luft Mattress

Sleep Sherpa’s Best Mattresses 2019

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